Skanpol is a one-man company that offers outdoor activities and nature experiences, whatever the weather:

  •     Sea kayaking - hire, guided tours, education tours with different themes: yoga canoeing, companion rescue, navigation, night canoeing, paddling techniques, self rescue, tour planning, etc..
  •     Skating - hire, guided tours, ice knowledge, skating, survival on thin ice.
  •     Skiing - rental, tours.
  •     Events as required.

In open water we paddle kayak, when the ice has formed we go iceskating and the snow comes it´s possible to go skiing.
The basis for Skanpol is located on the scenic camping at Stensunds Folkhögskola. Here is the rental business situated and most of tours start from Stensund.
At the school, there are old-fashioned Viking rowing boats for 12 people. In the forest there is a trust path for groups.

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